Women of Bath

Our mission: Inspire the next generation of women to follow their dreams!

As you may have seen on our website already we have a page dedicated to inspiring women. Sharing the inspiring stories of local women in Bath. If you haven’t checked out our first video with Life Coach Jo Emerson, go now! And then come back and read this lovely blog post.

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Every single one of us has a story to tell.

We are all surrounded by inspirational women, young and old. Think of the women in your lives, who have amazing life experiences to share. Or maybe their story is unknown, you don’t know what they have achieved and overcome in life, but wouldn’t you want to find out? Their wisdom could help you and give you a new perspective on life. I guess to some people this motivational, life talk might sound a bit sentimental, a bit too deep BUT I really believe that if we take time out to reflect and appreciate these inspiring people around us we are definitely making the most of our lives.

You don't need to be famous to be inspiring.


But let’s not say that inspiration comes just from well-known, mature, wiser women. First of all the women who are famous or figures in our history books have achieved something outstandingly exceptional. Either within science, politics or the arts, they have used their remarkable skills to create something extraordinary. Their skills have either been revolutionary or have been so phenomenal that it has propelled them further into the public eye. I think for me and you, our stories could feel a little lost. We may not be inventors or CEO's of huge global businesses, so is our story good enough to tell?

Of course it is! You should be the leading lady of your own life. Be the protagonist, be the heroine. Or as we like to call it at BSW a NEW WAVE HEROINE! Actress Viola Davis recently said in her BAFTA speech that the people who did not make it into history books still have a story. And those stories deserved to be told because they lived. This is what we stand by at BSW, and aim to create a platform for local women to tell their story.

Everyone's story is worth telling.


However, we shouldn't just focus on older generations of women. We must acknowledge the inspiring young women who have learnt a lot already, who have had to deal with so much in their lives at a young age. Those who may not have the confidence to voice their struggles or a space to share their story and maybe think that their struggle isn’t inspirational, it’s just like everyone else’s. We all share common struggles and achievements in our lives but really EVERY SINGLE moment is unique to us.

Don’t think your story isn’t important if you haven’t been through the “conventional” life struggles. Everyone has had a breakthrough and found their inner strength at some point in their lives, at any age. Each one of us should feel open to share these stories and find like-minded people, to raise each other up and empower one another.

I think now more than ever younger women's voices should be shared with older women's voices. Gaining wisdom from all different experiences and backgrounds. Learning from struggles and hardships people have battled through. We don’t stop learning, so whilst we are on the lookout for women of wisdom in Bath, we are talking to all of you - all generations!

By releasing a selection of short films this year we want you to learn something new from each video, connect with one another, build new life changing friendships and relationships and just feel part of a new community here in Bath. The reason Bath Sparkling Wine is creating these videos is for you and only you.

Watch the first 90 second video here

Read more about Bath Sparkling Wine's mission at www.bathsparklingwine.com/theadventure.